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Artist Biography

Susana Borosic is a Croatian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist.

Her creative passions developed in her early adolescence in music, when she began to perform and train with the Ontario Conservatory of Music. She would soon find extraordinary passion in performance and acting.


Susana received her first acting role in high school during her graduating year as a music competition judge in a parody play of American Idol.


During this time, Susana explored painting and sculpture, and she began painting abstract projects and creating clay sculptures of the female form and flowers. Here, Susana learned about colour and blending through experimentation and online videos.

Susana studied Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Toronto, where she received an Hons. B.A. While attending university, she also enrolled in theatre and scriptwriting evening courses at George Brown College. 


Before completing her degree, Susana first spent several years studying cognitive science and psychology, which continued to inspire her creative work and projects.

During her graduating year, Susana began working full-time in marketing, it was then she received her first public acting opportunity in a supporting role in the East Side Players' production of Anne Boleyn.


Since this time, Susana has performed in several film projects including, the well-received short film, Who Among Us, playing Seven. She has been featured in nearly a dozen national and international commercials for brands including Esso, Marcum Accountants and Advisors, Subaru, and more.


In  2019, Susana produced, wrote, and starred in the short film, Klaun, a story about a woman living with dissociative identity disorder who succumbs to her alter.

At the heart of Susana's creative passions, is the personal escape of abstract painting. She has spent over 15 years developing her style, using vivid colours and tactile forms to capture the harrowing beauty of the distressed mind.


Susana is represented by Jordon and Associates Talent Management. She resides in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

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