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Terms of Sale

Custom paintings can take several weeks to create with the utmost care.

Although all sales are final, please contact Susana directly at for concerns or further questions.


Handle with care. <3

All paintings are finished with varnish, which protects the painting from fading and smudging, and preserves and maintains the longevity of each piece. 

Due to the variety of thickening agents and materials used, each piece contains unique textures and protrusions. If mishandled, dropped, pushed against, or if something hard slides across the painting, pieces may crack or chip, despite varnish top coat used. 


Each painting ranges in weight up to 10 lbs. per piece.


Paintings should be mounted using a wall plug and screw (one can be sufficient). Wall tape or wall adhesive is not recommended as it will not withstand the weight of each painting, which can result in dropping and damage to the wall, painting, and potentially baseboards.


If mounted paintings are resting against a wall on a sideboard or shelf, hook mounts are recommended to avoid sliding and falling..and your safety! <3

To create a sense of height in your space, it is recommended to hang paintings higher than the centre of the wall.


Paintings are available for direct local and international delivery. When contacting directly for purchase, I will assist you with detailed shipping information and more.


Keep precious fabrics or soft materials away from your painting. Due to texture, there is a strong potential for the painting to snare or snag onto loose fibres or materials, which can damage your personal materials and your painting.

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